Pediatric Speech, Language and Feeding Therapy

Pediatric speech and language therapy provides assessment and treatment of your child’s communication skills.  These include speech, language, play and interaction development.  The focus of treatment may include oral-motor skills, stuttering, tongue thrust, voice or augmentative communication.  As a parent, you are provided with strategies to help your child to communicate better at home and in the community.

Feeding therapy includes assessment and treatment of oral motor skills and sensory processing skills that are necessary for eating as well as tolerating a variety of foods from different food groups.  “Picky” eaters as well as children with more complicated feeding challenges will benefit from feeding therapy.

Speech, language, and feeding therapy can help your child:

• Improve understanding and expression of language

• Improve speech/sound production

• Decrease stuttering behaviors

• Improve swallowing patterns to reduce tongue thrust

• Improve communication through the provision of augmentative communication systems

• Promote age appropriate play skills

• Become a less messy eater during meal time

• Tolerate food from a variety of foods groups.

• Increase caloric intake through a wide range of foods.

The Speech Therapy staff of JOY holds Masters Degrees and are licensed by the State of Georgia.  They have also obtained Certificates of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association.


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